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Rockwood Solid Waste is a family owned and operated business that has been serving Gresham residents and its community for over 55 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for new garbage service?

To find out if Rockwood Solid Waste is your hauler, use the Metro “Hauler Finder.” then submit a new service form. New business customers should call 503-666-3488 for information.

How do I change or stop my garbage service?

Use our online forms or call us at 503-666-3488.

My garbage wasn’t picked up! Why not and what can I do?

Occasionally we miss a can, but the most common reason for a missed pickup is that you did not get it to the pickup location early enough. It must be curbside (or wherever we usually pick it up) by 6 am on your collection day. It’s best to place your containers curbside the night before your service day.

Another cause of missed pickup is a dog- or wind-caused mess, which we cannot clean up. You can help us to keep your neighborhood clean by placing heavier items, such as a telephone book on top of your paper recycling, or by placing your loose recyclables into paper bags, then placing the bags into your recycling cart. You can do the same with your garbage, by placing heavier items on top and by properly securing the garbage bags (making sure they are tied, double bagged, etc.).

If you believe that we have missed your can, please leave it curbside and contact us right away.

When do I need to have my containers in place for collection?

All containers need to be placed at the curb by 6 am on your scheduled collection day. While we don’t collect everyone at that time, our schedules occasionally change. To ensure collection, it’s best to place your containers out at the curb the night before your service day.

I’ll be on vacation and will not require service. Can I stop my service and not be billed?

We can place a temporary hold on your service and provide credit for the missed pickups.

  • In order to receive credit, you’ll need to miss at least two (2) consecutive weeks of service or longer.
  • Vacation holds need to be arranged prior to your last pick up and you’ll need to provide exact dates to ensure the proper credit. If you are unsure of your return date, please provide the approximate month of your return.
  • We cannot credit your account if you plan to miss only one pick up. Contact the office by phone or e-mail for a vacation hold request.

What happens to my recycling if I don’t sort it correctly?

In some cases, we’ll take what we can and leave the rest. However, we are not responsible for sorting through the material. All materials need to be properly prepared to ensure collection. Read more about curbside recycling here:

Can I recycle my Christmas tree along with my yard debris?

Please cut up your tree so it all fits inside your yard debris cart with the top closed. Any tree parts left beside the bin will be charged as extra material.

All trees will be picked up as yard debris during yard debris weeks. Trees need to be placed next to your containers, out at the curb (or wherever they are normally placed for pick up). Only artificial/flocked trees will be picked up as garbage and will be charged as an extra unit of garbage.

All trees need to be 6 ft. and under. If your tree is over 6 ft., it must be cut down into smaller sections. Trees (6 ft. and under) set out without a yard debris cart will be picked up at no charge. Additional sections will be charged as an extra unit of yard debris.

High Wind Warning!

Windy days in Gresham often result in missing trash bins and lids, and trash and recyclables blown about the area. We want to assure you that we make every effort to secure your bins once we have emptied them. We also do all we can to prevent items from blowing away and we even pick up material (as much as is practical) when a bin has blown over or been tipped over by dogs or other animals.

You can help us to keep your neighborhood clean by placing heavier items, such as a telephone book on top of your paper recycling, or by placing your loose recyclables into paper bags, then placing the bags into your recycling cart. You can do the same with your garbage, by placing heavier items on top and by properly securing the garbage bags (making sure they are tied, double bagged, etc.).

One of the best ways to prevent problems is to get the emptied bins back to their normal location as soon as possible on windy days. If you’re not going to be home, perhaps a neighbor could help. Thanks for your help in solving this ongoing problem. For more information, feel free to call the office at 503-666-3488 or email us.

When will my garbage be collected if it snows?

We will attempt to collect everything on schedule. If we’re unable to service your street, please leave your containers curbside and we’ll attempt to collect on the following day, weather permitting. If weather does not permit collection after 2nd day, please place an extra bag/can out the following week at no charge.

My garbage wasn’t collected on a very cold day, what happened?

Occasionally garbage becomes frozen inside the bin. We cannot remove it without risk of cracking your container. Just set out a double load the following week and you will not be charged for the extras (up to your service level).

My red/yellow glass recycling bin or recycling roll cart is missing. Can I get another one?

Most of the time, your roll carts can be found. Each one is numbered, and if you call the office, we can provide you with the number of your cart. You can check with your neighbors or check any unclaimed containers in the area to find your missing cart. We have purchased these carts, so we want to help you locate your missing carts/bins before delivering a replacement. If you have made your best effort to find your missing cart and are unable to locate it, we can provide replacement carts/bins at no additional cost to you.

Do I take my carts and bins with me if I move?

No. All of our carts/bins should remain at the property, other than your garbage cart, which we collect on your final pickup. Carts/bins should be available at your new residence. Contact your new hauler if they’re not.

Garbage Weight Limits:

20 gallon can/cart 35 lbs or less
35 gallon can/cart 60 lbs or less
60 gallon cart 120 lbs or less
90 gallon cart 145 lbs or less


Extra Yard Debris Weight Limits:

60 gallon cart  120 lbs or less
Bundle / bag (no metal ties) 45 lbs or less
32 gallon can 60 lbs or less

How should we dispose of our “sharps?”

Please contact Metro Central Transfer Station at 503-234-3000.

What should I do with my hazardous waste?

Please contact Metro Central Transfer Station for the collection of hazardous materials at 503-234-3000.

I’m disposing of some heavy items. Do you have a weight limit?

If you have large items to dispose of such as a sofa or barbeque grill for example, please contact us to facilitate collection. We can collect most large items on your service day if we are notified ahead of time.

How do I dispose of leftover paint?

Metro accepts paint for recycling at the Hazardous Waste Facility, located adjacent to the Metro Central Station. More information is available

Metro Central Hazardous Waste Facility (503) 234-3000 6161 NW 61st Avenue, Portland OR

We are able to recycle paint cans if there is less than one (1) inch of solidified paint in the can and the lid has been removed and placed into your garbage can.

I have some broken glass to throw away, and I don’t want your haulers to get hurt. How should I wrap it?

If you are concerned, please wrap broken glass in a paper bag or newspaper. Our haulers make every effort not to touch any of your trash, but we greatly appreciate your effort!

How do I properly prepare messy items for collection?

Please contain ashes, cat litter, sawdust, packing peanuts (or any other type of trash that’s likely to blow around) in a paper or plastic bag. Shredded paper can be placed into paper bags (no plastic bags), then placed into your recycling cart. This will help us keep the neighborhood clean.

Who regulates garbage haulers in our area?

The regional government Metro sets many of the rules for solid waste disposal in the tri-county area (Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties are part of Metro.) Individual cities such as Gresham have direct jurisdiction over garbage haulers within their service areas.